Wecome to the ICANN At-Large Community Blog

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Welcome to the ICANN AT-Large Community Blog. Its a sandbox for the ICANN At-Large community to share their stories and keep the community engaged and informed.  We are not a BAD ATTITUDE group.  If you have a hate fest on ICANN this is not your place. 

The At-Large Community represents the interests of Internet end users in ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) activities and policies as it relates to the Domain Name System (DNS) and domain names.

The editors are Dev Anand Teelucksingh and Glenn McKnight and we are looking for volunteer writers who are close to the ground on stories from their membership. Pictures, Videos and much more will populate the site, Come join us to help keep our community alive.

Frequent Asked Questions FAQ

What is the editorial standards of the blog?

Who owns the material?

The content is Creative Commons and we abide to the Fair Use for distribution of the content. The pictures mainly supplied by Glenn McKnight taken at ICANN meetings which have a blanket statement upon registration that photos and video will be taken and the participants agree to share their

Who moderators the blog?

The current moderators are Glenn McKnight and Dev Annand Teelucksingh

How is someone selected as a editor or writer?

How is the blog funded?

The blog is community funded rather than funded by ICANN. It has a independence from ICANN so it can be a voice of the community without any financial connection. The blog is registered by Glenn McKnight and he paid for the blog from a GoFundMe campaign

What happens to the blog in the future?