ICANN65 is over but not forgotten.

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ICANN65 is over but not forgotten.

At-Large participants took great interest in their  involvement in the Policy Forum in Marrakech and reports have indicated that there was a lot happening of interest to end-users within the ICANN sessions. 

Our own working sessions were well attended with large audiences from other sections attending and participating. It was great to have Fellows showing an interest as well.  Interesting and informative inputs into the workshops and working sessions by At-Large members as well as by those from other sections of the ICANN community were very much appreciated. While it was a policy meeting, capacity building and building relationships were also included. 

Our ALAC-GAC collaboration is growing and our NCUC session continues to build interest and understanding about our two sections.  At the same time, At-Large gained a certain degree of recognition through its active participation both in person and remotely in the public High Interest Topic sessions. The collaboratively formulated Talking Points and reinforcing them at the beginning of the week enabled At-Large to help to spread the same messages about key ICANN topics within the various sessions we attended.  They also helped to meld At-Large into a strong and unified group, all with a common goal of serving the interest of Internet end-users.  

Thanks to everyone for a great week.

Talking Points


The collection of presentations as ebooks is here

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