Day Two: At-Large Capacity Building Workshop an Introduction to Policy Development at ICANN

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ICANN is mostly about policies for the DNS system.  They are what impact the end-users the most of ICANN.  Thus, understanding how the policies are developed at ICANN is most important for At-Large.

This workshop is chaired by Joanna Kulesza and presented by Jonathan Zuck and Evin Erdogdu. 

Jonathan Zuck explains “how to get on-board”, i.e., how to get involved in policy development processes.  That is, it could be either via GNSO, or via Board created Cross Community Working Groups (CCWGs). In any case, there are many “stops” to get onto the “train”, including joining the Policy Development Process (PDP) working groups, participate in the PDP public comment stage, participate in Board public commenting, or to participate in ALAC advice developments.  

Evin Erdogdu explains the procedures of policy developments.   ALAC’s website lists all the policies topics currently being developed or have been submitted already.  It is the main resource for At-Large’s policy development where about everything related could be found, and opinions can be presented on wiki pages.

Case studies are presented by Justine Chew and Holly Raiche.  Justine uses the case of New gTLD subsequent procedure PDP, and Holly uses the case of Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice, both to explain in detail the above process.  

Report by Kali Kan