Day One: GAC/ALAC: Meeting on Capacity Building Initiatives

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Participants: Pua Hunter (GAC), Yrjo Lansipuro (AtLarge GAC liason); Joanna Kulesza (ALAC, AtLarge capacity building working group co-chair); Evin Erdogdu (ICANN Staff)

The meeting was moderated by Joanna Kulesza, who opened it by welcoming both community participants and expressed satisfaction with the progress of the working group has made so far, identifying joint areas and modes of cooperation. Joanna reminded the existing AtLarge capacity building tools that are available to the entire community (webinars, ICANN Learn courses, Wiki resources) and identified potential future cooperation goals, that included training of community newcomers. Pua mentioned the GAC CB day 0 event that introduced GAC newcomers to the technical challenges with Internet governance. She also emphasized the significant challenge GAC continually faces with the fluctuation of its members – new delegates from state authorities often arrive to ICANN with little understanding of the complex ICANN policy making mechanisms. She also described an Additional Budget Request granted to the GAC for tackling this challenge by performing capacity building training on day 0 of 2 upcoming ICANN meetings and organizing two intersessional trainings. Joanna asked whether t might be reasonable to join the efforts in capacity building for newcomers together with AtLarge – would those half day pre-meeting training be open also to the broader community. Pua accepted this suggestion and the parties concluded that a joint endeavor targeting ICANN newcomers in both communities would be a goal worth pursuing. Yrjo emphasized the long lasting cooperation between the two communities that would be complemented by such an effort. He also indicated this proposal could be taken back to individual communities for their feedback. 

An AI was created for Joanna to present the proposal to the AtLarge community during ICANN 65. Pua enquired about capacity building funding within Atlarge and Evin agreed to seek further information on how those activities have been funded thus far. This short meeting was concluded with both parties agreeing on join capacity building activities that would include joining half day trainings as ICANN meetings pre-events, once supported by the individual communities. With that the meeting was adjourned. 

Joanne Kuleza, ALAC

Reported by Joanna Kulezsa