Day One: At-Large Review and Summit III Updates and Reports from Region

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The  ALAC chair provided an updated report about the At-Large Review.  Basically, the report was prepared on time and sent to the Organisational Effectiveness Committee (OEC) for its consideration.

  • ATLAS lll selection criteria process
    • Completion including an application, attend  the five core subjects on ICANNLEARN and/or webinar and demonstration of involvement in ATLARGE
    • 86 applications
    • 60 names to be assessed for travel

Vanda Scartezini, Co Chair of ATLAS lll programme

Leadership Subjects for  ATLAS lll have been narrowed now with the assistance of the ICANN consultant.  These will be interactive sessions on key leadership stills.  

Capacity Building Update by Joanna Kuleza

The Program group reported that a EPDP case study was developed to help  structure the ATLAS III program. Consultant David Kolb has been contracted to  help in putting together a comprehensive agenda to support this effort.

Topic: Privacy vs Security

Five groups to be divided into groups and create a policy position for  GAC, IPC, SSAC, NCUC and ATLARGE  

ATLAS lll Ebook presentation

Regional  Reports 






      The  North American Strategy completed on May 28th  and the plan was sent to the community for feedback and comments.  sent to the GSE and approved by GSE VP Chris Modini

Here is the full details on the strategy

  • Activities
  • Major engagement for 2019 will be NASIG on Oct 31 and Nov 1st in Montreal, We will provide hotel for 30 ATLAS lll attendees, 

ICANN Chairman of the Board reported  on some of the issues the Board i focusing on.  Mentioned that he is leaving the Board at the end of the 2019 AGM meeting.   

Goran met ALAC members three years ago. Here is a memento picture of that interaction.

(A picture from ICANN55 at Marrakech in 2016)

Goran Marby,ICANN CEO, explained about the future work of EPDP that ICANN that a sustainable solution (for Unified Access) would be to minimize legal risk for the Contracted Parties, and that ICANN is working with the European Commission to this end. On the question of Law Enforcement’s need for access to data, Goran pointed out that they should work with the Governments of their countries about the need to balance privacy needs with those of law enforcement. Goran also pointed out that in the context of GDPR-like legislation around the world, there is a need to institute a privacy policy for the organization. Recognizing this, ICANN is now tracking legislation in different countries. Secondly, ICANN has come out with a charter for interactions with Governments, giving  feedback on early legislative proposals on the potential pitfalls. He called for further engagement with ICANN’s community for outreach in different countries. The CCWG-IG will be an interface between ICANN and community members in different parts of the world.

Leon added that it is difficult to predict how elections would impact GDPR legislation. The proposal is that CCWG-IG will track data protection legislation in different parts of the world. The Board needs that the ICANN community is aware of these developments and can feed into local proposals for similar legislation. Everyone in the ICANN community is invited to report to the CCWG-IG whenever there is a local legislation that may impact ICANN’s operations. Early information would enable the CCWG to predict trends even if the proposal does not result in legislation (unlike the case with GDPR, on which ICANN did not act until too late).  


Eduardo Diaz and Glenn McKnight