Day One: At-Large: Development of the At-Large Hot Topics Document

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The session was moderated by Jonathan Zuck, Consolidated Policy Co Chair, ALAC and Joanna Kulesza, Capacity Building Co-Chair, ALAC.  Zuck started the interactive session by outlining the objectives of the session, which is to deliberate on the hot topic document, which was developed based on the hot topic list developed by each RALO and come up with a final list before ICANN 66 at Montreal.

Zuck further emphasized the ALACs aim to ensure to increase in the end user interest in the policy development process and the intent of persistently  focussing on end user’s perspective. There was also a discussion on the definition of end users with an ALAC member pointing to the definition of end users in the byelaws.

Kulesza  shared the hot topics  identified post reviewing the hot topic list of each RALO, which are:

·         Internationalized Domain Name (DNS) and Universal Acceptance (UA)

·         DNS security and abuse, DNSSEC and Cyber security

·         ICANN and human rights, including privacy and GDPR/WHOIS

·         ICANN jurisdiction and internet governance (building upon the recommendations of the jurisdiction working group)

·         New gTLDs: perspectives and scope

·         ICANN transparency  and accountability in terms of enhancing/ building end user trust

·   Facilitating multistakeholder consensus within the ICANN community; working together with governments, business and society

·         Capacity building on all themes, listed above, with due regard to geographical , cultural and language diversity

She also shared the issues that were left out, but were identified as important by RALOs as they were outside the remit of ICANN’s mandate: public interest, surveillance, net neutrality, accessibility and discrimination, digital literacy, gender diversity, internet access.

There were discussions on the overall list, priority list of RALOs; suggestion that hot topics identified should be future oriented and not just limited to current issues, adding the history of the hot topic for better understanding of the community.

Suggestion shared in terms of hot topic includes gender equality, jurisdiction and diversity, which are topics under the remit of  ICANN, 

Responding to a question on scoping and outlining the key issues and  implementation plan of the hot topics and regional strategy, Kuleza mentioned that the implementation plan would be formulated post  agreement on the list of hot topics which they plan to finalise before the by Montreal meeting.

As a next step, community members were asked to share their comments on the hot topics.

ALAC Hot Policy Topics Presentation

Joanna’s Hot Policy Topics Presentation

Reported by Amrita Choudhury

Amrita Choudury