Day Four: At-Large Review of ICANN65 and Planning for ICANN66

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Announcement by Maureen about the announcement of  $1million US for community activities ( details not known at present)

Maureen Hilyard, ALAC Chair

Feedback on ICANN 65  Policy Forum roundtable discusion 

  • Acknowledgment in the room of the  fellow attendees, key change in their  stakeholder journey the fellows will be expected to get involved in the  IG ecoystem and in specific the ICANN space.  
  • ATLARGE  strength is it’s diversity and its challenge as  demonstrated in our discussions ie GeoNames was interesting. Moving forward  create documents in a senario fashion 
  • Interest reported on a  Joint capacity building with GAC and AT-Large- 1/2 day workshop on technical issues 
  • Encourage pre-reading of materials in advance of meetings, less time wasted in presentation, onus on questions and answers
  • Stress the importance for our participation with the NextGen as evaluators and audience for their presentations .  See presentations of ten students
  • Announcement of the  NASIG application page
  • Reinforce the retention of valuable sessions for future policy sessions
  • Capacity Development sessions  during lunch were worthwhile 
  • Pilot reading project was presented and seeking volunteers.  Will solict feedback from the community on interest in the future 

AT-LARGE 2020 Board Member Selection Scheduling

Report by Glenn McKnight