Faces of ICANN: Satish, APRALO CHAIR

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#FacesofICANN – Satish, APRALO Chair – “The #Internet is an integral part of my life – it’s where I work, connect, learn, and more. I first encountered the Internet in 1993 and it turned me into an Internet evangelist. The very next year, I started a free, open email service based on Unix-to-Unix copy on a PC, which continued operations until 1996, when local dial-up Internet became available in my part of India. Since then, I have been working for multiple communities that are intimately connected with the Internet.

As a senior #ICANN community member, I’m aware of the immense potential of ICANN’s multistakeholder model as a mechanism for governing critical infrastructure of the Internet. I’m a willing contributor and I’m particularly proud of the way the ICANN community has always welcomed newcomers.” #OneWorldOneInternet#APAC