Compliance Panel Report@Kobi

Report by John Laprise

I chaired a session on ICANN compliance with Jamie Hedlund. On the downside, we were only able to squeeze in a 45-minute session, but those 45 minutes were well spent. Jamie and his team explained the ICANN compliance process and began walking (running) us through their statistics and dashboards. ALAC had many questions and Jamie’s team came well prepared. We came away with a better understanding of compliance in the ICANN-sense, that is when contracted parties violate their contracts with ICANN. Many end user complaints are regrettably out of scope for ICANN. However the conversation opened the door to some potentially useful paths towards a better end user experience such as identifying contracted parties with many complaints. I’m looking forward to another session with Jamie and his team soon so that we can continue our conversation and make compliance work better for end users.