ICANN Kobe Chairing Skills

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Coaches at the Chairing Skills Programme in Kobe

We saw five out of the eight coaches from At-Large at the Chairing course at ICANN Kobe organized by David Kolb. I personally coached Tom Barrett who is the Chair for the Nomcom Review and provided the critical feedback to Tom from assessing his session first hand during the week. The coaching methodology is very innovative in helpful for the coaches to give constructive feedback to the chairs. All of us can use a second set of eyes to evaluate our performance. Its a great programme and thanks to the ICANN Academy in offering this opportunity for us to help each other. It would be great to get a perspective from our community members who participated as Chairs.

A supportive resource provided by David from Fast Company and the art of criticism https://www.fastcompany.com/90312510/how-to-train-yourself-to-deal-with-criticism