ICANN Kobe Booth Time

Booth Folks at ICANN 64

We had great participation by AT-Large folks at the booth. We had all the RALO brochures including APRALO brochures in Japanese. We managed to obtain thirteen signed up leads at the booth which was next to the ICANN fellowship booth space. The ICANN fellows were largely absent from the booth during the Kobe meeting and in part due to our location. It was far away from the normal traffic flow and not near the break sessions. Only at the Opening and Closing ceremonies we saw anyone. It was a tough location to have any impact on the 2000 plus attendees. Recommend to either abandon the booth idea if we get a similar location in Morocco or demand a better location. The new pullup banners were great and the computer-TV monitor worked well with the picture show collection and later the Flicker picture show.