Technology Taskforce Update – March 2019

The At-Large Technology Taskforce WG (TTF) had two meetings in January and February 2019.

A key focus of these meetings is the LACRALO mailing list issues.

A quick background….

The At-Large Community in the Latin American and Caribbean region (LACRALO) has two mailing lists:

Emails in english sent to are machine translated via a custom ICANN tool using Google Translate and posted to

Similarly, emails in Spanish sent to the are translated and posted to

How LACRALO mailing lists work

However it was noticed that the newer version of the translation tool deployed by ICANN in 2017 has two bugs, one severe:

  • many emails are being silently dropped from one list, mainly emails from lacralo-es not being sent to lacralo-en – in 2018 – nearly 85 emails went missing
  • The translation tool’s error message when an email wasn’t translated was too generic, not identifying where in the email gave the translation tool problems.

On the TTF calls, possible workarounds were discussed with ICANN staff to address these issues.

Other technology issues that were shared with ICANN staff

  • the At-Large wiki using Confluence not updated to the latest version to support collaborative editing where two or more wiki users can simultaneously update a wiki page at the same time.
  • problems with Adobe Connect, the conferencing solution used by ICANN for conference calls.