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“Fall in love with the Internet” Feb 15, San Juan

Fall in Love with the Internet Event

The Internet Society, Puerto Rico Chapter (ISOCPR – a NARALO ALS) in collaboration with the Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS- a NARALO ALS) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), celebrated on February 15 the event “Fall in love with Internet”.
The objective of the activity was to understand in detail the Internet and its ecosystem. Also, to explain the participants how they can have an active voice in the governance processes. We wanted to invite the audience to know the importance of accessibility when we use content on the web and how to make efficient use of the resources available online.
Mr. Norberto Cruz Cordova, ISOCPR President, was the master of Ceremonies for the event and offered an introduction on the importance of the Internet. The activity began with the official welcome from Dr. Miguel Vélez Rubio, interim Rector of the University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón Campus, venue of the event.
The presentations began with a holistic view of the Internet ecosystem presented by Engineer Eduardo Díaz, Board Member of the Puerto Rico chapter and NARALO Chair.
On the other hand, Rodrigo de La Parra, Vice president for ICANN stakeholders for Latin America and the Caribbean explained to the audience the importance of an active role in the organization of the development and governance of the Internet.
Nancy Quiros, Chapter Development Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean of ISOC, also addressed the audience. Mrs. Quiros explained IOSC plans for 2019. And José “Manolo” Álvarez talked about web accessibility and the importance of the Internet. It is important to mention that “Manolo” is visually impaired. He, and I should add here that he did this by himself and without any external help,  prepared and presented his presentation using accessibility technologies. During his presentation he demonstrated the importance of developing web pages for people that are visually impaired.
Professor Alfredo Calderón and ISOCPR Board Member addressed the audience by briefing the takeaways of each presentation and promoting educational exchange. The executive director of HETS, Yubelkys Montalvo highlighted the different services that the organization has for the university community.
The activity was a success. Approximately 100 people participated in the event and 10% became members of our ALS that day. There was a wide presence of professors, academics, professionals of technology areas and students.

IGF Canada Feb 27,2019 Toronto

On  a stormy winter day in Toronto  we saw IGF Canada become a rejuvenated IGF  with approximately 180-200 attendees.
The session was moderated by  Nancy Carter of  Canerie and an opening statement from Byron Holland  of  CIRA  and then  Elliot Noss, Tucows  The  normal sessions on cybersecurity, fake news and other topics were discussed with notable Canadian notables.

IMG_6699 (2)
Nancy Carter, ISOC Canada opening address welcoming guests to event
Evan Leibovitch, CLUE asking questions at  Elliot Noss’s Keynote address
Pierre-Jean Dare and Destiny Goodson, ISOC Quebec

NTC 19, Portland, Oregon

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