Jonathan Zuck: Policy Updates from At-Large

The goal of the Consolidated Policy Working Group or CPWG is to provide a kind of gauntlet for the policy issues that cross the At-Large radar. Rather than simply trying to say intelligent things about everything, thereby straining not only our collective bandwidth but our representational credibility, we ask some fundamental questions about the issue before we even consider going further.

  1. Is the issue within ICANN’s remit?
  2. Is there a specific end user perspective on the issue that otherwise wouldn’t be considered?
  3. How best can the At-Large engage in the discussion for the advancement of those end user interests?

And if it passes all of the tests, we brainstorm our main points and then try to socialize them with the broader At-Large community and only then do we assign someone to draft a comment, correspondence or official advice to the board.
Our goal is to be focused and selective and consequently credible and effective in our representation of end user interests within the ICANN policy arena. We’ve participated in discussions regarding subsequent rounds of new gTLDS, privacy and operating standards and objectives for the ICANN organization and remain vigilant when end user considerations and the broader public interest appear to be neglected in policy discussions.