ICANN64 Update by John Laprise, ALAC member from NARALO

john Laprise
John Laprise, ALAC member from NARALO

I’ve arrived in Kobe at ICANN64 and am ready to roll up my sleeves and start working. We have a lot to do. We’ll be focusing on policy this time around with the ePDP phase 2 starting up. It’s a day early but I’ll be leaving in an hour to work with the leaders of other SOs and ACs to focus on improving the multistakeholder process. Once the meeting get’s started, I’ll be hosting social media breakfasts again. I’ll also be chairing a compliance session. ICANN has a new dashboard up and it’s very useful. Did you know that ~80% of Registrar Informal Complaints are WHOIS related? I didn’t and that has big implications for GDPR. Followalong as I’ll be tweeting up a storm.