A new twist in Outreach and Engagement at ICANN AtLarge

As the Chair of the  Subcommittee for AT-LARGE Outreach and Engagement at ICANN I will endeavor to explain our our goals and achievements
Following the dive into the FY19, O&E developed tremendous milestones to be accomplished, with reference to the At Large Review Implementation proposal which had tremendous issues and recommendations. The drive in Outreach and engagement is stirred with a team of co-chairs from AFRALO, APRALO, EURALO, NARALO, and LACRALO who drive respective outreach and engagement activities in there respective regions.
Work started with revamping of a new Outreach and Engagement Strategy with emphasis on revamping collaboration in and out targeting input into the ICANN Policy Development Processes. With the high demand in metrics, the team received strong input from Dev the previous chair who developed and is maintaining the Stakeholder Analysis tool. This tool has proved to be very impactful in relation to the missing gap of metrics within ICANN At-Large. The Multi Stakeholder engagement tool has brought forth a lot of transparency in the way communities are reached out and identifying gaps in outreach both in events outreach and community reachout.
Screenshot of the Stakeholder tool
stakeholder tool
Coming next is the O&E meeting in Kobe which will be breaking Silos through follow ups with trending updates regarding outreach and engagement activities that have been happening within the Regional At Large Regional Organizations (RALOs) and globally. Also various Collaborations will be shared with various stakeholders to enhance engagement and recommendations to effective participation in the Policy Development Process (PDP).
In Kobe a joint booth will be held together with ICANN Booth in order to stirrup reaching out at the booth as we engage more with the delegates who will be coming to visit both booths.